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I was chosen by the Amon Carter Museum's curator to participate and show in this exciting exhibition of Texas art !

Opening reception - Saturday, July 27, 2024 will be held at the 44 year established downtown Fort Worth gallery - ArtSpace111 Gallery.  111 Hampton St., Fort Worth, Texas 76102


The art in this exhibition will be on display until August 24, 2024. 


The Annual Texas Juried Exhibition serves to as a vibrant platform for Texas based artists to showcase and advance their work.  The Annual Texas Juried Exhibition and ArtSpace111 gallery, as well as Love Texas Art Foundation, who are serving as prize underwriters for the event, they all aim to set a high standard for recognizing and supporting exceptional talent within Texas art. 

I am grateful and excited for this terrific opportunity !
Winter Scenery


to be recognized and featured in

Western Art & Architecture - April-May'24

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Blue Sky and Feathers

Lisa Bennett is an artist based in Dallas, TX who uses natural elements in her work to create artwork in a style she describes as "graphic naturalist art".   In her work, Lisa explores themes such as strength & fragility, purposeful design & recycling, newness of life, creating beauty with discarded items, responsible stewardship, deeper appreciation for and honoring the design of God's natural works of art.  In her pieces, she also symbolically expresses ideas of growth, freedom, motion, momentum, exploration, and includes references to forces of nature, our planets, & the universe.  Influenced in part by artists - Henry Moore, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Julian Stanczak, Brancusi, and Georgia O'Keefe, among others, she strives to gain the viewer's eye with initial graphic impact and desires to draw them inward to further contemplation the inherent beauty of nature and its purposeful complexities. 

Lisa's passion for nature is driven by her lifelong and deep appreciation for the mastery, beauty, and complexity of the natural world.  With her background in interior and fashion design, she has been influenced by the tactile, visual, and aesthetic art world her entire life.  She grew up as the daughter of an art teacher in Northeastern Ohio, in a small town that is bordered by a wooded national park and beautiful rolling hill horse country.  As a young girl, she spent her free time outdoors, climbing trees and collecting "treasures" found in nature.  After spending many years in the interior design and fashion industries, in 2020, she began putting those inherent passions to artful expression on canvas creating unique pieces of art with a graphic three dimensional assemblage style.


Within her first 3 months of creating art, she sold her first piece to an art collector and interior designer in Sante Fe, New Mexico.  Within that year, she was invited to join her first gallery.  Her pieces have been sold to collectors across America. She is currently represented by Adams Galleries in Austin & Round Top, Texas. She is to be featured artist in the April/May edition of Western Art and Architecture - a magazine for art collectors, and architectural and design enthusiasts across the USA. 

Private Collections (working with galleries and designers - a partial list):

The Yellowstone Club, Big Sky; Whitefish, Montana; Vail Valley, Colorado; Sante Fe and Taos, New Mexico, Austin, Houston, Fort Worth, ranches located in Hunt, Round Top and Fredricksburg, Texas; Montauk, New York; Palm Beach, Naples, and Key West, Florida.

AW Collection
240525_Lisa_ 147_FINAL_edited.jpg
Natures Treasures
240525_Lisa_ 146_FINAL.jpg
Wonder of the World
Nature's Symphony
Nature's Symphony

Feathers, antlers, wood, bones, quills play reference to how they beautifully animals of the air and land, they play their parts in the "music of life" - striking a seemingly perfect balance and harmony with each other.  Also, playing reference in the shapes energy core of our plant, radiating outwards, as well as circular motion of our beautiful planet. 

Star Gazing

Natural quills are individually and carefully for their

selected to create a pattern within a pattern throughout with the background of a textured handmade textile.

36" x 36"

Star Gazing
White Compass
Clarity of Course

Symbolically expressing ideas of finding our direction.  As we navigate life, examining in a quiet way - calm, free of color (perhaps distraction), it can bring new clarity to finer details of life (perhaps bringing our intended direction into clearer focus).  Elements of nature presented in a clean, simple, pure way - the absence of color, the quiet nature of this piece beckons us to see with new eyes the finer details (perhaps even our intended path)  pointing us to further contemplation further the complexity & mastery of the nature.

36" x 36"

Exploring Nature

The natural beauty of various bird feathers, antlers, quills representing life forms of the land and air, brought to life in graphic impact expressing ideas of exploration, earth's rotation, of our planet. 

36"x 36"

Exploring Nature
Happy Spirit

A tactile but soothing palate of abalone shells with natural dye - hand dyed feathers to compliment the shell tones to create a happy effect mounted on a handmade textile

36" x 36"

Nature's Rhythms

Nature's Rhythms

Expressing ideas with elements found in nature - such reverberation, movement, momentum - found in nature or in sound.  Constructed with five different types of birds - feathers, elk antlers, quills on ivory cloth

48" x 48"

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